Stuttering Monks is Ethnic Electronica at its finest.
The blend of World and Western instruments and vocals creates a unique soundscape that soothes and uplifts the listener. The songs are mainly ambient in form, but some also feature a kicking dance beat that strangely does not detract from the relaxing feel of the music.
The mixture of swirling synths and arpeggiators, Eastern flutes, Gaelic pipes and drums, Western drums and Indian talbas to name a few, blend seamlessly with vocals from around the Globe to form an experience in sound that has to be heard to be believed.
So come on, dig in and feast on the banquet of sounds that is the Stuttering Monks!






...Stuttering Monks is a culmination of my many years of fascination with electronic music....my love of computers coupled with my long time admiration for all kinds of World Music has led to my own personal fusion of the two.

My musical influences include Banco De Gaia, Bill Nelson, Afrocelt Sound System, Natacha Atlas and Underworld.


My music is generally fairly calm and relaxing and some has even been used by a practicing relaxation counsellor!

I have seven complete albums to my name at the moment.

The first, "Isle of Stones" was written 6 years ago, under the Hairyvike name, and was a mainly ambient affair.

The second, and first under the Stuttering Monks name, was "Loitering for Beginners" released in mid 2006 via Soundclick, this was my first attempt at World Fusion (or Ethnic Electronica as it is sometimes known).

The third, finished some two months later is "Dance of the Fenland Mountain Gnomes", and again is usually classified as World Fusion.

"Soundtrack to Obsolescence", my fourth album, was completed in October 2006, and along with all of my other albums, is now available to listen to (in full) at my Soundclick Site (or even to buy as a download if you're feeling rich! )

My fifth album "Sedentary Nomads" was completed in late 2006, and can be listened to at my Soundclick Site.

My sixth album, and the first to be released on CD (on Flounder Records, my own label), is "Zootrope".....this can be listened to at my Soundclick site. Alternatively it can be purchased by contacting me. The cost is £5 including P&P to the UK; £6 for the Rest of the World (If you wish to pay via Paypal then please add 50p to cover their costs to me).

My seventh album, "Magnum Epos", was released on August 1st and is also available by contacting me.


I have also recently produced videos for two of my songs; these can both be viewed on my Albums page.


For details on all of my albums please go to the Albums Page.









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